Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black Rose

She smiles, I smile
She walks, No she glides softly by me changing night into day
She opens her mouth to speak, and so sounds ring in my head
She speaks, and I want to dance to her rhythm
She moves ever so gently, increasing my desires,
As I place my arms around her waist, Hold and squeeze unto me, I want to melt into her body, and discover the base of her warmth
Her beautiful black body that, no human mind could ever conceive
She's love She's truth She's real, as real as the stars that shine in the heavens
As real as the sun that bathes her body, As real as the moon that glows and the birds that sing and the rose
That blossoms in spring for she is that rose
And not just any rose,But a black rose, Black rose stands tall and stronger than any other plant
A black rose, that stands as creator, of nations of Black rose
That never loses her petals, and blossoms all year round
Black rose,
Sweet rose,
Thorn less rose
Eternal rose
Please look my way,
Please look my way
Please look my way
Black rose

Ps: A friend of mine wrote this and I liked it. Decided to share it.


  1. this poem is good but i got to think about how abstract it was that is the title and the 6 & 7 lines of this poem i think i got so confused at that

  2. Abstract is supposed to be confusing. lol.


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