Saturday, March 19, 2011


Song IL Gook
I don't know what it is but it might be a little obsession because; what do you call a person who watches subtitled Korean War dramatic TV series?
The difference with these series is that they happen to be made according to their country's history, no far-fetched fetched stories or total fiction (maybe the fight scenes) apart from the way they adapt their history for television and probably the way they write the story to make it be popular. And there is none of those weak, fearful lead actresses. The women in these have a cause other than fight and pine away for the guy! No manipulation and deceit etc.
I love them because they are so refreshingly different from the series and telenovelas that we are subjected to by the television stations and networks. They are not entirely war dramas or action there's a bit of good romance here and there (if you appreciate good love) within the story. I realized that their twist to romance and love is actually realistic, which is a good thing because; life isn't about fairy-tales and fantasies nor is it about finding your one true love, then going on to battle for his love. The couple happens to have a theme song!
So, there is this male actor called Song IL Gook, he is probably the Korean version of Brad Pitt, because he is in everything I've watched so far. I had to go to Wikipedia to learn more about him of course (where would we be without these search engines?) and the synapses of the series, he only takes on roles that have physical activities i.e. martial arts etc. I also learnt that Korean actors are one the most highly paid actors in the world aside from Hollywood actors. 



  1. What is that odd tv series that you love to watch?

  2. well,The Big Bang Theory......i wouldnt call it odd, but....yeah.

  3. I happen to love the Big Bang Theory. Its not odd since its pop culture. lol.


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