Monday, December 12, 2011

Most ANNOYING Telecom Company!

I subscribe to the most annoying telecom company for data services. You will not believe the number of times I have called their customer care in frustration and angst to let loose on their personnel. I am not proud of myself because I am at my weakest when angry. There are a number of times where my sanity kicks in and my good side shows up to feel bad for the personnel that will pick my call but it doesn’t last when I think of how they are robbing me blind yet I pay for their services to keep them in the market. My blood boils anew because these services providers are so frustrating for so many reasons;
Poor customer care. If there is one thing I hate, it is being treated like a nincompoop by the  customer care personnel of these telecom companies. First of all; their customer care numbers are always engaged or unavailable, they take forever to switch you to a personnel that is if you are very successful with the call. When you speak to a personnel about your problem with their network and service, they reply to you in a condescending tone with rudimentary solutions as if you are an illiterate! Most of the time they don’t even have a solution to the problem.
Lack of automated confirmation texts. The easy access numbers they put in place to help the clients are inefficient and quite ineffective because they don’t send you an automated confirmation message after the subscription. They take forever to send you a confirmation message. I had to wait 6 hours for one after subscribing to no avail that I ended up calling their customer care number once again to ask if my subscription was active and for how long.
Poor network monitoring. Apparently, it is now the duty of the client to monitor their network when using the internet. You are supposed to know your time of subscription(even if you didn’t get a confirmation message) and terminate the connection once your hours are used up.
Credit thieves. They take over and above the initial subscription fee if you have unused credit left on the card. They don’t terminate the connection  nor send you a message to let you know your subscription is over. They would rather take all that you had left on the card. Why take the remaining credit, do they not think there are other things to do with that money other than paying for their services?
Over crowded Network. I have a lot friends who use this telecom company as their service provider of choice and a times I wonder how they deal with all these issues on a regular basis. Whenever I call up any of my friends on this network, I try for two fruitless days due to their network issues. If the call is not being disconnected midway, they tell you how the number for the person is unavailable.  If I who uses their services once in awhile can be so frustrated in such a short time, how about them who are full time subscribers?
Their slogan is “WE CARE” which I find very inadequate for the services that they provide. They don’t care at all because if they did, they would not be robbing their customers in such a stealth manner and providing them with poor services!
To my knowledge, “Customer is king” wherever you go but to them you might as well be a servant who pays for them to mistreat you!

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