Thursday, March 15, 2012

Morbid Curiosity?!

 You’ll never guess what weird things people are into these days! I thought i knew it all and nothing could shock me nor surprise me. How wrong I was because I recently got to know that there is a website with the domain Weird, right?
You would not believe my shocked reaction when I heard about the existence of said domain. I am by nature a certified curious soul. A lot of things whether interesting or not pique my curiosity to the point of restlessness. The desire to know is one of my driving forces.
Much as I am fond and guilty of killing random cats out there, I’ve never been curious enough to search for such a website and whatever is on it. When I heard about it; I got this chilling fear, wondered if we as people are that far gone in terms of moral and ethical decay. So many questions ran through my mind but the one I kept asking myself is, ‘why would someone create a website with such a domain name?’ What for?
I am a Muslim by religion and we hear so many stories on what happens to us when we die, in the grave, the punishments we receive in hell…things you would not want to hear nor read about cause they are scary. To know there is a person out there morbid enough to create such a website really baffled my mind!
I don’t know what is on the website firsthand. My mother came to know about it from a friend of hers and in turn told me. Curiosity got the best of her as she asked me to browse for it. The good thing is someone had the sense to take it down or maybe that website’s hosting company turned down the prospect of hosting it further.
I doubt that i would have liked seeing what was on it. What I gathered from my mother is, people write about their Near Death Experiences in hell or from hell. Which begs the question, ‘aren’t Near Death Experiences usually about going to Heaven?’ We have seen people act such experiences in movies, right? I guess if one has an NDE about hell, the experience is asking them to change their lifestyle and religious practices, don’t you agree?
The one good thing to come out of this knowledge is, it lit the spark for my curiosity about Heaven. I wondered if there is a website where people write about their Near Death Experiences in or from Heaven? If it is there or not, I have to say I am too chicken to browse for it. Some things are better left to the imagination and time when God calls you to answer for your deeds.

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