Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Worst Week Ever!

I had one of the worst weeks of my life last week. Not only was I robbed of some of my most expensive possessions, one of my good friend’s friend had the audacity to start abusing me on said good friend’s wall!
Why do boys think; just because they want to talk to you, make you focus your attention on them against your will that it is likewise?
I wrote on my friend’s wall and on pops this chap’s silly comment! After the bad days I had been through, I wasn’t having any of that nonsense. Yes! Being a girl doesn’t mean I have to talk to you just because you want to.
Fun-knee is; when you refuse to accommodate them, they start hurling insults which is exactly what this guy did. I gave as good as I could and left it at that deciding to wait for my friend to comment instead of fighting with someone so worthless!
Okay, realistically, why would you comment on a post that is not meant for you especially when you hardly know the person that posted it in the first place? What is the purpose behind the act? I’d presume you can make a post of your own since you want to talk to the person, right? I don’t think you’ll find me commenting on a post that wasn’t addressed to me nor would I write nonsensical comments just to irritate!
On a lighter note, I thank God for my amazing friends and soul sister. Trying times are easy to deal with with you guys. Thank you for the care and the concern. Love each and everyone of you. xo

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