Down in the Doldrums…

It is no secret that I am a fan of the written word and an avid reader. I recently downloaded a zipped compressed file full of Johanna Lindsey’s work that is collection of novels, not all but some. Enough to fill my heart with joy.
I am a lover of her books. I read her when in school and going through some of the titles in the collection took me back to those days. I had no qualms re-reading some of the books I had read especially the Malory Family collection. I enjoyed those; so going through them again as a more appreciative literary person was very pleasant.
There is no doubt as to why she is one the best at historical romance. The dialogue, plot , wit, humour and story line not to forget romance all make her books a fun read. And in my opinion no one does sarcasm and humour best than the English. There is nothing like a good dialogue amongst the characters to make the story flow and draw you in without you realising it.
As a sucker for a good romance; I like seeing people in love and read about it in books and this is why I am down in the doldrums. Reading romance makes you reflect on how lacking your life is and wish to be in love… And having read some of her work back to back in a few days makes me want to be in love which is something for another day…


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