Monday, August 27, 2012

I Love Technology: Adobe Digital Editions.

 Remember the post I did about my love for technology here? Well…I am falling more and more in love as I continue to discover.
A couple of days ago, I downloaded a torrent file collection of all Sandra Brown’s work that is Novels. When I tried to open it and get to reading, the file could not open due to the format and I lacked the proper program to open the .epub and .mobi extensions. I looked at all the titles I’d been dying to read as the thought of having to delete everything reared its ugly head!
I was so crushed, demoralised, tired and frustrated. Downloading the torrent had been done at my last hour of being online. Weird is I cannot spend more than three hours online contrary to some of my friends’' beliefs. It tires me out. Since I didn’t have the proper program to open the books, I put off the attempt to search for one, the prospect of deleting the entire collection and decided to sleep on it.
The first thing I did when I got online the next day was to look for the right program and download it. Don’t you marvel at how everything is available on the internet if you have the patience and will to try find what you want? Moments like these make me more appreciative of our generation’s technology advancements.
So, I read through some of the relevant information and suggested programs in my quest to finding the right one. I came across a list of all the programs one might need to open the .mobi and epub file extensions and Adobe Digital Editions caught my eye. I settled on downloading it simply because I am registered at acrobat and not only familiar but also a user of most of their programs.
After the download and installation, you know what happens next, Right? TESTING!! I got down to it since it was my first time and I love! love! love! it.
It comes with a virtual bookshelf for all the digital books. I was excited! I went on to insert all the books I had so far downloaded like a greedy kid trying to eat everything on the plate all at once! If this had been  a physical feat, I’d be exhausted for days.
Unlike Adobe Reader x, Adobe digital editions also comes with the book mark feature which enables you to bookmark where you left off in the book. You do not have to take a mental note of the page number or search for it when you return to the book. How cool is this? The reader in me is in book heaven though I can’t help but muss the days where I’d curl up with a paperback and lose myself in it til the end.
I love this Adobe Digital Edition because it is exclusively for the .mobi and epub file extensions and not pdf. Adobe Reader X IS still my number one love for pdf extensions and I can do so much with it. I don’t have to keep the book indefinitely on my laptop for one which Adobe Digital Editions encourages with its virtual bookshelf.

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