Thursday, September 6, 2012

Superstar ME!

I am absolutely wild about my hair. Want to know why? It makes me feel like one heck of a SUPERSTAR!
Been going around with my hair out since my last salon visit which I wrote about here, without the curls as those don’t last for more than two weeks at the max let alone a month. In essence I have been a cute village belle for longer than I had anticipated and was dying to get my hair plaited.

My signature hairstyle...
The choices were either a weave or twists which take way longer to get done than the weave but I settled on the twists. It was the only way I would get what I wanted. The first time I did this hairstyle was a couple of good years ago and in blonde ponytail. I felt like a Superstar then and do so now.
The difference between then and now is the hair color. I did it in red which I certainly didn’t choose but don’t mind. It is a pleasant surprise and change.
I love the new look and so do most people. They can’t seem to take their eyes off me. LOL. I am now contemplating on letting it be my signature hair where wearing hair additions/extensions is concerned. What do you think?


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