Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obsession: The Fat Doctor.

Most of you know I am a certified TV addict who watches anything and everything.
Currently, I am obsessed with the TV show The Fat Doctor. It is about a certain Doctor at a hospital who gives hope and gastric bypass surgery (cut their stomach to the size of an egg) to the morbidly obese. I found out that now Britain has the largest number of morbidly obese patients and that the number of people who have had this surgery done rose from 600 a year to 100,000. Last time I knew, America had the largest number of morbidly obese citizens with Alabama being the fattest state in America.
It is typically not something I would watch but the stories told by the patients, the state of their health and appearance as they go about their day to day lives is touching. The surprising bit about the show are the different reasons as to why the patients are morbidly obese with each episode – Early puberty, loss, divorce, genetics, environment, depression etc. I find them all valid and beyond questionable doubt because it doesn’t take much to put on the kilos.
Watching the show has made me realise how much their countries and supermarkets are enablers. Not only do they sell supersized food and drinks; in the supermarkets, there are electronic shopping carts for the obese to sit on while they shop to prevent any medical issues like shortness of breath. And of course the really healthy food is more expensive than junk food.
There was an episode of Wendy Williams (addicted to her show) I watched in relation to obesity and she talked about how the mayor of New York or New Jersey (don’t remember) had passed a ban on the supersized cola cups from fast food and beverage centres. I thought it a good way on the control of the high rise in obesity which according to a study, half of America is at risk by 2030.
The show itself is an eye opener.It shows you where you don't want to find yourself in a few years unnecessarily.

Ps: Beware of factual errors since I am not a medical practitioner and contrary to the cartoon above, the Doctor on the show is certainly not fat.

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