Monday, November 26, 2012

A Belated Two Year Anniversary.

It was at the back of my mind to do an anniversary post on the day I started this blog but kept pushing it back. I wasn’t sure of the actual date. All I remembered with clarity was that I started it in November and not the actual date hence had to go back to my very first post which was on 11/4/2010 to be sure.
Shanahfied is TWO freaking years!! What’s happened in these two years?

 It has come to my attention that my uncles read my blog! I was mortified to know this at first because they are family. No one knows you best and critiques worse than family! The good thing to come out of this knowledge is; they like my blog and think I am good at self expression. The mortification is still there but a little less I should say? The thought still gives me the shivers when I dwell on it.
The readership views are certainly up and I am glad for the followers who keep trickling in unexpectedly. I love that my friends read and comment here and on Facebook. It means a lot. I may not say it much, but, it does.
OK, I would love to write about me being at parties, dating etc but fact is; I am not doing either of those things at the moment. When I do, I’ll certainly write about said experiences. Otherwise….TWO FREAKING YEARS, BABY! 

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