Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Winds Of Change.

What would you expect to hear when you are in a funk of a mood? Certainly not the possibility of a pending relocation!
When this piece of news came to my attention, my heart plummeted to the floor! I was so floored and disconcerted by it that I hardly knew what to say! I actually sat down and took a hard look at all that is familiar as I wondered about the unknown.
I pride myself on a lot of things and one of them is being able to go with the flow but dang! This is something I never anticipated until my gainful employment – of course, which is yet to happen. From a business perspective, it is a sound idea but I can’t say the same from a personal one. I think it is going to suck major balls when my current office relocates!
The comfort of the familiar is oh so sweet and I don’t want to let go of it. The friends I’ve made, people I have come to know and well the camaraderie which takes ages to develop. I’m the type of person who takes long to make friends and with that in mind, being uprooted is not looking so hot from where I’m standing.
I’d like to say this is a good opportunity as far as my mood is concerned but I wouldn’t bet on it. Part of me wants to remain in the safety bubble so much so that I told my mum I wanted to stay where we were while the other part is trying to get used to the idea of change however tentative it might be at the moment.

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