Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Office Digs.

OK, it is official, we actually moved ‘offices’ as I like to call it. My mother moved a month ago but since I was on leave, I never got to see our new digs until my return to work.
I never thought I would say this; but I love the new location. It is spacious, airy with a lot of natural light, What I love most are the sounds of life. Our previous offices were deep in somewhere, I felt we were in the boondocks. You’d hardly see traffic, the sound of passing cars and it was pretty dark! This place is very in the open and I get to see a lot of people pass by.
This new location has one drawback that I don’t want to talk about but it is easier to overlook knowing I can stand at the balcony and look out into the traffic and people gaze (favourite pastime). I almost forgot, it has these flights of stairs that want to literally take the breathe out of my body. You know you’re unfit when you start huffing like someone who's run a marathon after taking a couple of stairs.

Me taking a rest after a couple of stairs.
I never realised I was so unfit. Anyway, this will probably help whip me into shape. The last time I took a lot of stairs was at university and never so many since then. When I get to these, I am so weighed down by my laptop bag and handbag. My laptop bag carries so many things aside from the laptop and its charger. On some days, I add in a DVD player, a snacks container, plus a jacket.
So, friends can officially come visit!!

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