Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hair today Gone Tomorrow.

Before I had the insurmountable urge to cut my hair, I had gotten a weave on which lasted for only three weeks. Not that it was a bad weave, no. I was simply tired of everything that had to do with hair on my head. Imagine doing your hair for just three weeks then removing it. I always thought of it as a practice for the rich ladies and well, those in television…they can all afford it.

New Look.

If you happen to be an avid reader of my little bits and pieces, you’ll remember that I cut my back hair myself the time I first coloured it into my own version of a Dianna Agron inspired bob. I tried to maintain it despite the growth and what not. So, the last time I visited the Salon, I had all of it evened out and made shorter some more. My front hair is as short as the back and sides. Yes, no more side swept bangs or fringe which make my signature hair. I can still do it but it isn’t as long to look so fantastic like here.

Signature bangs

The upside of cutting it is; everyone tells me it has body now and looks fuller unlike before -this coming from me is strange because I am fond of telling my friends and aunt with really long hair how they’ll one day wake up and miss it when it fails to grow back! due to all the cutting. I have really straight and thin hair. The kind that makes you look bold when wet. I miss the fabulous bangs I would curl it into but not the length.

Ps: When you look at the ends of the first picture you'll notice how really short it is, even the signature bangs don't turn out as good like in the second picture.

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