Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When It Rains It Really Pours!

I have NOT watched E!News, The Wendy Williams Show and The Big Bang Theory in almost two months. No more cable in my neck of the hood. And, just when I thought my unabated anticipation for the return of a Korean drama to telly would offset this dismal state of affairs, my telly decided to throw in the towel. For what reason, I absolutely have no idea. Whoever said ‘when it rains it really pours’ got it right.
There is nothing I can do for any of these. I have to wait for my parents to get round to fixing everything whilst I go about finding myself a new phone. This is personal, so I can do. Otherwise; it is a sad lonely place in my neck of the hood. I read a little because I can’t spend the entire day on my laptop. These big eyes would soon give out on me too if I am not careful.
Leaving aside said dismal state of affairs, I’d like to say I am loving the new office digs. Yes. My next door neighbour is a guy whose office is a constant parade of fellow men. LOL. When I get bored being around my elders, I go chat with him and his friends (when they are around). Is it me or do all conversations with guys invariably lead to sex talk? Or do I spend a lot of time in male company? Hmmm…?
I enjoy listening to friends and family’s sex talk as long as there isn’t too much detail and visual for I don’t want to imagine you like that. Talks with friends made me believe I knew whats what but when it comes to these boys, dang!! Sex talk with them is enough to make even a saint blush! Seriously, any kind of talks with boys is a learning experience. You always learn something new. Enough of that! Before, I let on how depraved I am.
Huh…I miss my best friend. She’s off getting her life together which I am really proud of but it still doesn't make me stop missing her. The knowledge that she is off to parts unknown is disconcerting. Speaking of; one of my boys is going through a rough patch too with matters of the heart. Him going through this saddens me a bit because girls should be good to him. There is nothing more annoying than seeing one of the good guys you know go through rough patches with girls. Maybe it is time to take a break from the chase...

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