Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wonderfully Metallic.

In the process of getting midnight plum taken off my toes, I decided to get a different manicure after a whole lot of convincing from the manicurist. I was going to leave them as plain as they usually are, so I thought, why not? It doesn’t hurt, right? Unless where the pocket is concerned.
My first choice when it came to choosing colors for the mani was a collection of multicolored sparkles with a clear varnish to top it off. Unfortunately, there were no multicolored sparkles. After perusing through the colors available, I settled on a gold varnish and on a whim an addition of silver sparkles to give it the cheerful look I originally wanted.

Whenever I get creatively inspired, I’m always sceptical and a little scared of how its going to turn out. Gold and Silver together rarely work but dang! I was pleasantly surprised by how metallic my nails turned out. I took a lot of pleasure in showing them off because the entire look was like rays of light filtering through colored broken glass. You know that kind of light around morning hours which makes the dust mites visible? Yeah, that’s the one. And sometimes the silver looks like little crystals on top of my nails.

Everyone that's seen them has been asking how I got it done. Honestly, all it takes is a bit of creativity and knowing what it is you want. Play around with colors and designs, there is nothing much to it. When I have a choice, I never leave the kind of nail polish color or design I want wear on my nails to the manicurists. They are the most uncreative people so far and they do the same design on almost all their clients. I am pretty sure, the person who did mine will suggest my idea to his other clients.

OK, before my head becomes bigger than it already is, what do you think of my creative streak? And what mani are you wearing?

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