Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Car boot Experience.

I had the opportunity to go check out the so called ‘car boot sales’ that happen on a regular basis abroad after so much convincing. I hardly make plans over the weekend and I abhor impromptu, drop of the hat plans. I need to mentally prepare for anything I have planned and impromptu stuff leaves me in a confused state of mind which automatically happened.

Those who know me well can tell when I am absolutely confused. I change clothes more than thrice and the rest of the day ends up as such. On this particular day; it was expected. I changed more than thrice, hardly had any money on me to spend frivolously and on top of that, I kept thinking of the novel I had been in the middle of. With a lot of convincing and coercion, I gave in to my aunt’s pleas and escorted her to the car boot sale.
Naturally, I was fascinated. The concept is people sale stuff out of the boots of the cars at relatively cheap prices. The main issue here is; it is supposed to be used stuff or something you own and don't want anymore like old novels etc. Apparently that is how it is supposed to be but with Africans, something of this sort has to work in their favor.

The number of cars parked at the venue was promising unlike the prices and some of the merchandise. The merchants brought stuff from their boutiques, shops, stalls and sold at the usual price they normally sale at in their line of work. Those who understood the concept and I guess well travelled sold at pocket friendly prices whilst others hiked the prices. What I found amusing was that most of the merchants were iPhone, iPad and Tablet holders. Naturally, you are bound to wonder whether you can afford the price of the product being sold by someone of that calibre.
As we looked around making inquiries here and there with my aunt, I regretted being unprepared. I’d spotted a lot of jewellery I wanted yet I had no money on me. Thankfully, my aunt gave me a bit to spend and thus, I purchased these earrings as a memento. And with that, the little excitement over my first car boot sale experience wore off as the day dragged on.

I let my aunt wander around as I went to find a place to sit, relax and people watch. She found me after a long while and coerced me into buying a notebook and a card holder with the money I had left. Overall, it was OK. I guess as the years go on and people get to know what car boot sales are all about, it will catch on and prices will be what they are expected to be- LOW!

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