Friday, August 16, 2013

J’Adore: My ‘HISS’ Collection.

I recently realized that I own quite a few snakeskin print shoes. Yes! Coincidence, right? Well, the python print Mizrahi pumps were the first ever shoes I owned in snakeskin print so they have quite a few mileage on them although shoes with a leather outer sole last quite long. They still look good as new and I rarely clean them. Whenever I wear these, someone always asks if they really are python skin and whether I feel bad for the snake that got killed just for me to wear it on shoes. Hmmm… aren’t I lucky that PETA is no where near in Africa?
The gladiator sandals were the next addition to the collection. I’ve had these for four years I think. I remember how me and my sister were the first to own gladiator sandals amongst everyone we knew and when the trend caught on, we are still the ones to own them in snakeskin. Aside from the scuffed up laces, these look as good as new too which makes me think they’re going to last longer than expected.

The Aldo pumps joined the fray last year and they are my go to pumps when I am filled with indecision over what shoes to wear with an outfit. I guess it has to do with the black and white print of the skin. There’s a friend of my mother’s who was over excited to share with me the news that she had gotten a snakeskin print purse exactly like my Aldo pumps for Christmas. I was naturally amused and happy for her. Her telling me this made me think I should look getting a matching purse for my shoes. Ha!….that is SO like old fashioned and for older women!

Then my latest are the the ones with ribbons on top which I got from my aunt last week after her recent trip abroad. My mother didn’t think it wise to own two pairs of the same print (the Mizrahi python print ones) but I was unconcerned. These are lighter and the design is quite different. They have a ribbon and a square toe unlike the round toed ones.

The snakeskin print is currently on trend and it is a neutral, that is it goes on anything and everything. The thing with animal print is not to over do it with a head to toe look.

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