Friday, October 4, 2013

A Few Edits.

The thing about artistic inspiration is; you never know when it is going to take a break nor return, it just does. All of a sudden, you find yourself thinking about these ideas for a design and how to make something work or you fail to come up with an idea when you want to.
By now, y’all know I am BIG on making something work for You, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. I've had these colored square beads for quite a long time. Whenever I would think of making something out of them, it wouldn't work. You won’t believe how many times I've made them into something then taken it apart because it doesn't gel until I resorted to leaving them be.

Well, artistic inspiration decided to return and on one fine weekend, I got everything I needed to work on together and accomplished it all…some of it anyway. I am so lazy. I took apart these beads and reworked them into arm candy. A bracelet, to be honest and I think (at the moment) it works. I like the crisscross shape it does when wound on the arm.

Another thing I had to do on my edit list was this chunky necklace I got last year…I think. It was so long and heavy what with the chunky balls. The first time I wore it, people kept asking me whether my neck hurt. LOL! If it could look that heavy to onlookers, how about me the wearer? I made the decision to reduce it to a collar necklace, not a chocker but those that hang to above or on the chest first chance I got.The thing about ideas is you can think it, keep it at the back of your mind until you get round to working on it.

When I was done with re-working the beads into a bracelet, I reduced the necklace too. I made sure to keep the original ball arrangement so as not to spoil the colour combination. On editing, I got more beads to make arm candy to go with the necklace. They were so many, I made two beaded bracelets out of it.
I also had a necklace my sister had given me that needed editing. Some of the stones had fallen out but the pearls were intact. I took out the empty stone shells, remained with the pearls and made two bracelets. One chunky one with the large pearls and a smaller one. These are faux pearls, by the way.

Guess where all this is, in my little basket of arm candy. Yeah, I keep my jewellery in these little baskets for easy access and storage. I have enough to run a small boutique apparently, people keep telling me this but I refute it.

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