Monday, October 14, 2013

Loose Curls And Bangs.

This is so long overdue I almost had second thoughts about actually writing and publishing. I did my hair for my brother’s do. I had to look super glamorous. LOL.
I used the weave Daniella, it is synthetic, super long with these loose curls and bangs. I do love a good bang/fringe and it turned out the way I hoped it would. I got it done the day before my brother’s do, rocked it for two good weeks then took it out.
There is no excuse I could make that would make y’all believe. I simply got irritated and the next thing I knew, I was asking my brother to help take it off. This is the second this has happened. I’m usually good with weaves but for these super long ones, I take them out after two weeks. Imagine that feeling you get when you feel the breeze on your scalp, sifting through your wispy hair. Yeah, I enjoy that a lot.
I got to enjoy that feeling for two weeks with utmost pleasure because my hair is shorter and I’m really loving it this way. I don’t miss longer hair at all.
Right now, I have my hair weaved which you will read about in the next post.

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