Monday, December 9, 2013

Life Is A Celebration.

What an eventful week the previous week’s been. Paul Walker kicks it off by dying then I wake up on Friday morning (06/12/2013) to news of Nelson Mandela’s death. I have only seen Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious movie franchise and for me, they are all about Vin Diesel. Obviously, his death is a sad loss to his family and everyone else. But Nelson Mandela?! OK, it was only a matter of time considering his age and the many ailments that assailed him in his 90s it is a little hard to know the man is gone.
We read about him in history and I admired the person he was and everything he stood for. To me; he was the last of the purest revolutionaries Africa and Africans all over had the pleasure of knowing. It is a sad loss for us as Africans. You know what seeing history being made is? It is being there to witness both the Libyan and Egyptian revolutions which toppled Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Ghaddafi (men whose rise to power we read about too) respectively and also witnessing the death of an African hero. This is what seeing history being made is and I’ll be proud to tell my kids all about it if they at all study the history I studied.
Ok, with all the sorrow and  black shrouding everything from TV station logos to endless news of Paul Walker’s death, I am glad to say something good happened to remind me life is a celebration not a funeral. My cousin Faridah got married on Sunday (08/12/2013) and I was there to see it happen. She made a beautiful bride like I predicted she would and seeing her so happy, dancing etc.  made me wish I were giddily in love too. May God bless this new journey with lots of love, happiness and good health. Amen.


PS: I think I should be serious with my man hunt since most of my friends and family are either having babies or getting married.

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