Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Facebook Film.

As I was going through my twitter stream, I came across a question from Hootsuite asking whether we’d shared our Facebook films and NO instantly popped into my head. Most of you know Facebook turned 10 last week and as a way of celebrating that milestone; users got to make their Facebook films and share with friends.
Making this film brought back so many nostalgic memories and moments. I joined in 2007 and back then it was a little restricted unlike nowadays. It has gone through a lot of changes which I think are for the better. I know I bellyache and contemplate leaving sometimes but I am still in love with it. It is the only place so far where you can share a multitude of pictures and have interesting conversations with people you’ve never met yet feel like old friends you’ve known for years. I find it a lot more friendly than twitter which is cold in my opinion.
There was a time when Facebook was all about babies! Every picture you came across was of a child or one of your friends holding their baby bump. That period made me promise not to get off Facebook until I posted a picture of little Shanah. LOL. I hope it remains until then because little Shanah is yet to find a daddy to help with the process of her coming into the world.
I unfriended a lot of people too in these 7 years. I used to unfriend people who talked smack about people I liked in 5/10 posts, those who wrote like they have never been to school i.e yhue, xul…Really? And the ones who enjoyed the poking button far too much than they should have at my expense. Now, I don’t have to do all that. No. All I do is uncheck the ‘show in news feed’ tab and voila…no posts from culprits who fall in those categories popping up in my feed.
Much as I am less of an addict these days; Facebook still has me wholeheartedly. I still love it and until little Shanah comes into the world, I shall continue to be a user. So, in the spirit of its celebration, I am sharing my Facebook Film with y'all. I don't know what formula Mark and his team used but I believe most of my good moments are missing.

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