Sunday, March 23, 2014

It’s Not Yours To Give!

I find quite a lot of things annoying but nothing gets my blood boiling like someone giving away stuff that's not theirs to give. When you give away someone else’s property, it shows a total disregard, lack of courtesy and respect to the person and their property especially to one who loaned it out of kindness.
This takes me back to my school days when I’d loan friends of mine some of my stuff only to discover the next day they had in turn loaned them out to their friends, friends I didn't even talk to. Since then, I try as much as possible not to fall into the ‘lend me’ or ‘help me with…’ trap. After such treatment, what else can a person expect? Certainly not deferential treatment! Now, I either give away entirely - cutting all ties or make up an excuse. Who wants to lose their property in such a disrespectful manner?
Funny thing is; people who don’t respect other people’s property expect you to respect what’s theirs. Give the owner the courtesy of making the decision to either let go or take back what’s theirs once you’re over the sticky situation instead of you giving it away to someone you don’t talk to as well.
Let it be known that you have no right to give away what's not yours to give. If you feel the urge, pay the owner the courtesy of seeking their permission before you do the annoying act of giving away what does not belong to you!

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