Saturday, April 12, 2014


I’ve had the urge to get my hair for the longest time that it suddenly became something I couldn’t ignore anymore. I felt I shouldn’t look like a certified village belle just because I am a homebody nowadays, it’s no excuse to let oneself go. Sometimes, you need a bit of glam to make you feel better and looking pretty 24/7 does that.
I had my hair done twice in the space of a day. I got it weaved on 04/04/14 and I hardly recognized myself. It was a weave I had used before but red this time. When the job was done, I looked like a redheaded scarecrow. The worst I have ever looked with a weave!
With a lot of misgivings and a heavy heart, I gave myself a night to sleep on it then see if everything would be rosy in the morning. After flat ironing and a lot of oiling on Saturday of 05/04/14, it didn’t look any better just more polished. It was then that I unequivocally proceeded to take it out.
Everyone at home was surprised by how fast I’d taken it out but I felt better going around with my God given hair than be seen with a bad hair job even if at home. Luckily, my mother had decided to get hers done too and fortunately for me, she let me get it re-done on 06/04/14.
Much as I have a veritable home salon, I find human hair weaves hard to maintain. I hate having to iron or curl whenever the need arises so I chose to use Expressions; a synthetic weave I first used in 2012 (but removed after two weeks) and a different weaveologist. Before it was all done, I felt and looked more like myself so much so that I thanked her profusely.

The Shanah everyone knows

Moles and all, this is the Shanah everyone is used to. Ironically, the compliments flew in immediately unlike the day before where everyone had looked and kept quiet.

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