Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Seed Bead Braided Necklace.

This particular update on my creativity took me a little while to get to so let’s dive right into it. When I created the braided wristbands, at the back of mind it was a trial run for one of my most ambitious project and undertaking to date.

Finished product

I knew I wanted to make a braided necklace out of some of the remaining seed beads I had in my possession. The thought itself was challenging and took me longer than anticipated but the outcome superseded my imagination. Seeing it come to life and better than I’d imagined brought on a feeling of gratitude and pride – pride that It was I who had come up with something so pretty and gratitude for the skills however unprofessional.

Seed Beads braid

The comments I received from friends and family after posting to instagram  filled me up with joy. No one knows this but after creating the necklace and actually being overwhelmed with the outcome, I prayed. There are times when you just have to thank God for the littlest things and this was one of them. To have the gift for creativity, talent and imagination are things few people have and when you’re able to use them and come up with something better than you’d dreamed it, you appreciate.

First layout and color coordinating.

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