Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Style Personality.

It is a known fact that our style just like our personalities evolves as we grow. At every stage in our lives we tend to dress in accordance with the changes and how we feel about ourselves. After all, ‘style is a reflection of who we are’ and ‘what we think about ourselves’. Suddenly, you find what worked for you a couple of years ago is no longer age appropriate and neither flatters nor makes you feel good about yourself.
I doubt mine has changed at all because more often than not, I find myself being asked whether I own a couple of dresses and skirts.A not so inappropriate question for my style leans towards the masculine with a feminine touch since my teen years. I am more of a jeans and tee kind of girl than dresses and frills. The jeans, tee-shirts and skinny pants in my possession probably rival that of a guy and my slave to accessories persona provides the feminine touch.
Yes, I do own a couple of dresses and skirts whereby most of them are courtesy of my sister although the total number of these items does not come anywhere near the pants. She is more feminine to my masculine and why not? She has the curves which I don’t so dresses and skirts flatter her more than they do me who is (aside from my noticeable assets) built like a boy. Fun fact: what passes for a dressy top or shirt on her usually looks like a dress on me albeit as minis sometimes.
Since I own only a few, I wear them sparingly and do so when the mood to remind people of my femininity strikes. I love the feeling of femininity and freedom a dress gives you. On those days, I look like the proverbial girl with a flower in her hair. And a dress influences your actions and the way you carry yourself which is not bad.
Much as my style remains masculine with a feminine touch, I would like to think it has changed. I prefer tighter at the bottom and looser on top. I love the trapeze and long vests, the loose blouses and blazers. I only wear the low rise converse on cold days and my girly shoe game is no jokes! As for dresses and skirts, I prefer round, A- line skirts and skater dresses to form fitting and bandage because those do not flatter my shape at all!

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