Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Best Advice I Ever Received.

My second foray into the Writers Challenge. I have been too under the weather to participate in the previous ones.
Day 10: The Best Advice I Ever Received.
 If memory serves, the best advice I ever received is something I have been carrying out for the longest time – ever since it was given me to date.

‘Whenever you’re reading a book, take note of quotes and passages that speak to you.’ – Uncle Abidan
I come from a family of readers and I myself are one. My uncle Abidan found me reading a Jeffrey Archer one day and passed on that piece of advice. He said it is something he used to do as a young man with good sight and one never forgets a quote or a passage they have read for there are situations that always bring them to memory.
Ever since that day, I find it odd reading a book without noting a passage or quote that speaks to me. I’m more of a literature connoisseur now instead of someone who used to read simply for the pleasure and fun of it. I even note quotes from some of my favourite shows on television and movies. This is why there are so many posts on quotes and passages here and the reason why my reading taste is eclectic.
This piece of advice resonated and stayed with me so much so that it is the only one I seem to remember because it is a habit. I read a lot and doing so feeds it which makes it a habit and not a one time thing.

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