Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Colourful Exploration.

I finally took the plunge and started experimenting with color in my drawings. You can not imagine how tedious the process was first time round. The time taken to settle on the colors to use; what to put it and the eternal question, ‘aren’t I messing it up?’ plagued my mind like no man’s business.
Drawing to me is a natural process, one that looks infinitely better in black and white in my mind. The idea of putting all that I draw in color was just a smidgen of thought at the back of my mind. A thought I never let fester at all because I draw for myself. Sharing on social media and some few friends has made me reconsider because not all of us see black and white and neither do we prefer the stark beauty of it when we can have it in color. With all that in mind; I decided to give it a go.
In all honesty; the exploration is not easy! It is easier for me to come up with a new design rather than dilly-dally over color choices and the indecision it brings. I hate indecisiveness in people and this makes it much more worse as I am forced to be. If I were a painter, it would be so easy. I personally think their mental concepts are completely in color before the final piece. By the time they translate it to paper, they know what colors would be best and know how to execute it all.
I have, so far, colored three of my many drawings and at the end of they day, I look at them with a dubious eye. This is how unsure I am. However unsure and doubtful I am over the process, I am giving it a chance. The chance to see what others see in color.

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