Friday, November 6, 2015

Shanah Off Duty

I embarked on a colour exploration for my art and regardless of my discomfort and misses, there have been a few good hits although not enough to convince me that it should become my medium of expression. I have never been at ease with colour where my art is concerned if anything, I am much more doubtful and lost.

I took a break from the exploration when working on my Beauty In Ugly woman. She reminded me of the ease that comes with black and white. The mindless, thoughtless and reflexive use of the pen without pause and second guessing when it came to shading. A piece is practically done on conception and getting back to those basics has been nothing but a pleasure. A pleasure which finally made the decision for me to start up a Facebook page for most of my creations.
When a friend of mine suggested it, I wasn’t as convinced and thought it best to start up one next year but after a good foray into a medium I love, I gathered the courage and started up one along with an Instagram account. I love drawing; it is something I have been doing since I was a young girl and much as I’d love to go commercial with it, I do not want to lose the pleasure and sense of wonderment I derive from it thus the the Social Media accounts.

I want to retain the pleasure of it all without losing it to commercialism through art gallery hopping and whatnot. I draw for me first of all and if someone likes it, good. If not, it doesn’t take anything away from my passion because at the end of the day, these pieces are meant for me. They are a reflection and mementos of various stages of my life and depictions of growth for someone who loves to nurture her talent.
Anyway, this is the Instagram account for my art and other odd things I create out of thought and love to share. I haven’t shared most of my previous works due to a lack of time and energy to take pictures. I shall upload them soon as I get enough time to take the pictures. And I am happy to say that my Art portfolio is growing. I had around 20 or so pieces at the beginning of the year and now they are 40 with majority being works-in-progress. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Ps: I can't have a username for the Facebook page according to Facebook because it is less than 25 likes at the moment.

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