Friday, April 1, 2016

A Little Sun

There are times when I visit old posts of Simply Shanah in search of inspiration only to log out immediately for the urge to delete some of last year's posts is so strong. There was nothing good there. Going back and looking through them is like trying to find the remnants of a kindling in a pile of ashes: a little smoking ember to singe ones fingers. However fruitless my attempts are in finding inspiration from the depths of my pitfalls and the decision to let it all remain, I have realized some of my angst ridden and painfull posts are being shared. It is kind of mortifying but I am happy some of you relate with the posts and go as far as sharing. Thank you.
I put away the journal in order to revitalize my thoughts, sense of purpose all for naught. Nothing has worked so far. You, know what? I am not going to try anymore. To force myself to look for what is good in a situation however bad is no longer cutting it.
My mental state is a depiction of my life right now. Everything is in shambles. As much as I am incapable of having a handle on everything else currently going on, I am glad for my artistic side. I find myself drawing more and more when the mood strikes and the accessories creator in me is starting to join the creative party. It has been awhile since I created something in the way of accessories.
My last piece was a pearl necklace which I spot majority of the time and the need to create earrings to go with it is so strong. Maybe when the time is right. It will happen.

Seeing it is a new month; may we all let what was stay in the past and write new chapters to the books of our lives- even if it means forever starting over in your journal like I am currently doing.

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