Shanah Off Duty

Facebook finally gave me the URL to my art's Facebook Page! What does this mean? My Facebook page can be searched, found in all search engines and shared across social media platforms! 
Getting the URL faster than anticipated came as a surprise for I never advertised it as much on my profile page nor forced friends to like it out of obligation. I wanted it to grow on its own merit while I enjoy the process of design and drawing.
The night my URL became active; I leafed through the posts on Shanah Off Duty and came across a few inspired by a muse. I sat up on my bed that night and looked back on my folly, the feelings and actions that transpired and I laughed. 
I laughed over the folly of it all. The emotions and feelings that he wrought. The thoughts that would run to him through the day and the poems. Gosh! I was a poet for a minute. I'd never been crazy over a person as I was over my muse.
In that moment; it hit me that he and I are, "nothing more than strangers with a fistful of sand for memories slowly sipping through the seams." So much transpired yet the memories suggest nothing at all. Maybe it never did? 
Now, I can look at the pieces and not think of what was but is. I can appreciate them for what they truly stand for: my passion for creativity. My art! The reason as to why Shanah Off Duty exists. 

This is the link to my Facebook page.



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