Thursday, November 4, 2010

What I don't like in Guys

  • 'Wannabe-ism.' I think the era of 50 cent look-a-likes is long past dead. Some guys should get with the program even if they didn't get the memo.
  • Hate it when a guy doesn't keep time. Me waiting for you doesn't imply you have far better things to do than I.
  • Guys who decide to grow a beard but leave it unkempt. What's the use of growing something you are not going to look after.
  • Guys who beat around the bush. If you have something to say, go right ahead and say it. I don't have time to guess neither is it there to listen to you.
  • Scruffy looking guys who approach me when I'm way out of their league.
  • Lack of presentation. Hate the fact that most guys don't care much about how they dress and their appearance. If girls put a lot of thought into their appearance then why don't guys do the same? Being Metro-sexual doesn't imply that you are gay.
  • I don't like guys who show off. What they have, where they work…etc. I believe in letting your actions, success and the way you carry yourself speak for you. You don't have to tell me.
  • Armpit hair!! Gosh, why do guys think they have to grow a thicket under their arms to prove their manliness? There's nothing more disgusting than seeing a thicket of hair under one's arms. Why don't the same rules that apply to girls about shaving work for guys?





  1. I like this one lol, armpit hairs keeping time lol spot on!!

  2. yeah me too; i hate guys that show off. its a turn off!

  3. Its nice having people that agree with me.
    Armpit hair, showing off...yuck!!


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