Monday, February 7, 2011

That Guy

Do you have that one person in your life that you have totally no expectations from but manages to surprise you? Someone you talk to for hours and hours without noticing the passage of time?
Someone who pays attention to you and manages to remember every little thing you've told him, however trivial? Makes you feel that; he knows what you're about and you totally understand each other, always on the same page when having a conversation? Trust me, there's nothing more exciting than a guy asking you about something you thought he'd never remember. Something you yourself took to be inconsequential.

Do you have that one guy who brings a smile to your face, just by thinking about him?

Well…I do! And I totally appreciate him for being the person that he is because with him; everything is real, no pretense, no invisible standards to live up to. I can tell him anything and everything and not be ashamed. With him, I can be myself without him getting judgmental.

Best of all; he is my FRIEND which makes me happy. Because of him, I'm now able to put the pieces of, 'what I'd like in a boyfriend' puzzle together. It is shaping out to be a very good puzzle.  And the only expectation we have from each other is making a lasting and strong bond out of our friendship.

I hope you have someone like that in your life because, sometimes, we all need a male friend who is and will always be there for us without judgment and expectations.



  1. this is my best poem for it is something but i have to ask shamim who is that guy?lol


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