Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Self Education

There is this website I found about further learning that is totally free of tuition fees. How great is that?
I want to learn a few more things before I throw in the Academic towel. It’s a self education kind of thing so I got to teach myself.

I wonder if I'll be able to commit to that because it probably needs a steady internet connection which I rarely have; I usually subscribe for a week or two to update my laptop's anti-virus and the blog. But if you want something, a little more effort must be used. Will have to see how it goes, the requirements, etc.

Aside from the website for further learning, I've been teaching myself a programming language that I wasn't able to master at school.  It is going to help me during the designing and probably running stages of my website, so I want my skills and knowledge to be very up to date. I should have been done with it by now but since I only study on weekends when I don't have plans, it has taken me longer. I have to see it through because it is a personal goal of mine and for some reason; it seems easier to grasp something taught by you than when taught by a teacher, tutor…very odd?

I realized that it was a 'Website finding' day because I came across one that might help with my need to learn French!!...Isn't that awesome?
This is the one language that I find so fascinating and wanted to muster since high school for so many reasons but I am learning it because; it is the language of LOVE! And it sounds so romantic when I hear the French speak it with their accents.

If you feel the need to learn something for one reason or other, I say go for it. It doesn't matter how long it takes you long as you like it.


  1. The education i admit is going really well.

  2. i was thinking of learning swahili.... do they offer that?

  3. I think it does because it offers a lot of other languages. Check it out.

  4. Great stuff! Keep it up Shannah! I am so proud of you!


  5. That is so in the IT world. Google has made our life simpler

  6. I know!! Where were we without Google?


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