Monday, October 31, 2011

I Love Technology.

I am a lover of technology despite the fact that it changes all the time. It is one thing that will never remain constant... Maybe that is why I love it? All the application, software creators put out something new, a few tweaks to their applications and software which is a good thing due to the multitude of competition out there. I always marvel at what comes out to help the user when it comes to software, applications and programs.
Recently, I was reading a book using Adobe Reader. Whenever I would start the program to continue with the book, it would bring up a notification for an upgrade to Adobe Reader X which I would unfortunately ignore because; I tend to read when I don't have an internet connection.
I decided to bookmark the link so as not to forget about the upgrade. I usually bookmark websites that I visit time to time and find interesting, links I need to check out for software upgrades and installations.
After getting an internet subscription, downloading Adobe Reader X was the foremost important thing on the download agenda. The download took me half the day with a lot of frustration! It kept bringing up a download timeout message which pissed me off because the download speed was at its highest peak! Aside from that; power kept being ON and OFF.
Fortunately, with my last attempt at a download; I kept my fingers crossed and prayed for a successful download with no interruptions. The download was so successful that the smooth installation scared me a little.
Naturally, I tried out the upgrade after the installation and the reader in me is ecstatic. There are no words to say it better. It comes with tools such as sticky notes and a highlighter and you can send the document or book to anyone from the program as long as you are online.
I am much more excited about the fact that you can leave a sticky note or highlight a portion of whatever you are reading for future reference or remembrance. As a reader; you come across paragraphs, quotes that speak to you whilst reading a book which you'd like to mark for remembrance. All this was impossible for people who read soft copies unlike paperback. The fact that it is editable without whipping out pen and paper is pretty fantastic!

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