Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2011 Highlights

It is hard to believe this year has almost come to an end so soon. Feels like we were anxiously awaiting its arrival in that, I remember how I spent the time between 11pm and 12am 2011 so well. Quite a lot has happened this year that I have decided to share some of my personal highlights.
Je suis un étudiant français. That right there translates to "I am a French Student". Yes, I am still on the journey to become a french speaker cause it is one of the languages that I love with a passion. French people sound so sexy with their accents when speaking English and I want to be one of those.
The Royal Wedding. I have to talk about this because I was amongst those who anxiously waited for the day with bated breath. I remember asking my brother if he would go see them since he lives around the the Westminster abbey and he told me, “there’s nothing special about them. They also wipe their own shit!” It was a beautiful ceremony and it made me believe that true love for some exists and that a commoner can also marry a royal as long as you are patient and believe in the relationship.
Lunch With Friends. Me and my closest friends started having once in a while lunch dates which we have started looking forward to. We pick a restaurant, meet their and then show the food what we are made of. It is a good way to stay connected to each other and also catch up since we are all at different stages in life and working.
Facebook Pages. I made a blog post about an interactive Facebook page for a reality TV show that I joined. The show is on hiatus at the moment and I miss the page. Being on it taught me so much about people and how they will always stick to their opinion, beliefs and give unwavering support to someone they love however flawed. And that; however much we may disagree, we have a TV show in common which we all love.
Beautifully Fierce. Out of the blue and with encouragement from my friends, I went ahead to create a blog about Fashion and Beauty which I look at as an outlet for a hobby that I love. I am so pleased with it despite the small number of followers which I can over look seeing that it is new. I went ahead to create both a twitter account and Facebook page for it as social media is not only influential, it is everything these days. I love the fact that my friends and others like it.
Friends With Babies. Most of my closest friends became first time mothers this year. I am so happy and proud of them naturally. Motherhood is an awesome experience…well not about the labor process but everything that comes after that. Three of them had boys and one had a girl whose name coincidentally starts with “A” which is the letter I had chosen for all my future babies. PS: I already have the names picked out with a few back ups if anyone I know uses one of my chosen ones.
First Anniversaries. This blog  and my blackberry are a year old. I started this blog when 2010 was coming to an end and got the blackberry around the same time. I am proud of this blog and I thank everyone that is following it because it means a lot. I never thought it would grow in followers as much as it has when I started it but people surprised me and for that I am very appreciative. I love my blackberry to bits in spite of all my friends’ suggestions that I upgrade to android technology. What they don’t know is that if I do; I wouldn’t be a blackberry boss…would I?
Friendship death. I had to let go of a friendship that meant so much to me this year. Sometimes, you have to do what you think is right even if it makes you seem shallow to others. It is quite impossible to maintain a friendship with someone who you keep hearing negative talk about from your own family and not make a decision. I do miss the friendship but blood is thicker than water as they say and I have to stick with my family no matter what.
All In My Head. There was a boy I used to talk with frequently and thought we were gong somewhere with it. Unfortunately, it was all in my head and probably a castle in the air on my part so…I am without a doubt very alone, single and NOT frightened. We deal with the cards we’re dealt with in this life.
Reading And Loving It. My reading has been great this year, in fact it has improved. I can’t complain because it has kept me occupied a couple of times. It is good to maintain a reading culture and habit for so many reasons; not only do you improve on your vocabulary, you are also introduced to quite a number of new words you’d hardly come across.
I don’t remember making a resolutions lists at the beginning of this year which makes this a little hard. Inasmuch as it would be nice to know if I have accomplished what I set out to do- I am happy with what has happened so far.  

On that note, I would like to wish y'all a great 2012 and May God continue to bless us with his infinite blessings, Love, health and happiness in the forthcoming year.

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