Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year... New Beginnings?

It is a new year and apparently supposed to be a new beginning for everyone of us, a chance to get it right. Do y’all believe that?
I’ve realised that with the onset of a new year, me and my soul sister with a lot of conviction believe; it is going to be “our” year- that everything will come together as we think and wish it to be but that never happens. If anything, some of it goes horribly wrong with no ways of sorting it out.
I don’t know if it is being pessimistic this time round cause I have no expectations whatsoever. Apart of me feels that it is all going to be the same with the exception of growing a year older and gaining the wisdom that comes with age. I am yet to draft some of my resolutions; at the moment, I hardly know what it is I would like to concentrate on aside from my relationship with God. I feel so disconnected and veering off the straight and narrow at a fast yet unknown pace. I need to find the religious, spiritual side of me before it is totally lost. Who are we without the discipline of religion and God?
However pessimistic I might come off in this post, I wish y’all a fantastic 2012 filled with love, good health and lots of happiness. And may God make some of your wishes, desires and dreams come true. Amen.
The "Happy Song" from the smurfs movie is playing in my head as I type this so...
Here is the video for y'all to enjoy.

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