Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane.

This particular post was inspired by a random conversation I had with my mum. I say “random” because I don’t remember how it came about which is usually how some of our conversations happen.
She reminded me of a time when  I went to her telling her what the help we had then said to me. She had said I was going to take long to move out of my childhood or parental home. As my mum told me that, the day the help said it came back to me. She’d said quite a few things and kept the rest to herself. What she didn’t say is what bothered me the most.
My mum bringing it up made me ponder on it again. The certain look in the help’s eyes. I kept asking her what she had seen or read to no avail not even if it was good or bad.
I really am not sure as to whether I trust these seers, palm readers and whatnot. I neither read nor believe in Horoscopes cause the writers rotate the occurrences as I am told.
Do you believe in it? Would you ever like to know what is going to happen in your future if someone offered to read your palm? Would you seek them out and believe whatever you are told?
The curious soul in me did this out of disbelieve and as a test. I thought she was going to tell me something that would be tangible- enough to happen like the next day or week at least. But these things that take over time to occur? Nope!
Why is it the people who do this never tell you the hard knock life problems you will face? Those are the things we need to be prepared for after all, ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ Those are the things we need to know and not the windfalls.

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