Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stories: Domestic Violence.

This post was inspired by a conversation I overheard somewhere I frequent.
It all began with a letter… A woman wrote in to an early morning Radio Show seeking advice (as they usually do) on what to do about her boyfriend. Apparently her boyfriend has a violent temper, the type where he hits doors, desks, pots and pans etc which made her scared for her life.
The consensus amongst the people I was surrounded with was; she should pack up and leave him because he will one day take it out on her and not the pots and pans. Her getting beaten or hit was an eventuality and not a maybe.  As majority thought over what they would do in such a situation, few shared there stories about domestic violence from the people they know…
A certain man said he has a friend who was once beaten up by his wife. This friend used to go out, get drunk and whenever he returned from his drinking binges, he would beat up the wife for no reason. One day, he came home so drunk, too powerless to beat up the wife that he just fell on the bed, spread eagled and slept. The wife woke up, got ropes, tied him to the bed posts and gave him a beating within an inch of his life! The more he fought, the more the ropes on the arms and legs tightened hence cutting into his skin. She beat him to the point of his clothes being shredded and the husband accepted. He therefore asked her to take him to the hospital which she did the next day.
At the hospital; the husband assured his wife how he was going to beat her up if she didn’t leave him. The wife got a truck, took all the stuff from her marital home and moved to a house that she and her husband were almost done building.
And then there were two…
PS: A Muslim when in prayer is not supposed to leave prayer no matter what or severe the interruption.
A certain woman talked about her cousin being in a violent marriage. She was being beaten by her husband every other day.
One day, the cousin returned home, bathed, got ready, prayed and decided to wait for her husband. When the husband returned home, he bathed, got ready for prayer. As he was praying, the woman decided to strike i.e give him a beating. Whenever he was bowing, she would hit him; once – he ignored, twice- he ignored, third- he decided to interrupt prayer and chase after her! Apparently the woman left that day never to return to him.
The cousin to the woman said if she were in such a situation, she would not retaliate because she hates confrontations and arguments. If her husband decided to beat her; once, twice, thrice- she’d pack her things and leave never to return. She no longer needs the man because she has a job and can fend for herself. And that in this day and age ,’Men are like buses you don’t need to chase after them. If you wait long enough, another one is round the corner.’

PS: I am in no way whatsoever condoning Domestic Violence nor an advocate for it. This story sounded shocking and funny at the time that I decided to share it.

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