Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinterest FUN!!!

You all know that I am freak when it comes to the internet, right? I  came across and by chance a website called Pinterest (I don’t know how old it is). It is an online pin board for anything and everything. Most style bloggers I have noticed pin their outfit posts and any other associated elements.
I am slowly getting into the swing of things. I pin what I find interesting, something I would like and also some of the books I have read with a little inspiring notes here and there from people I follow etc.
Speaking of pinning, a friend of mine told me about another website called fashiolista which is more or less like pinterest with a strict niche on fashion and style? Much as you can pin anything and everything on pinterest from DIY works to quotes, on fashiolista, you can only create style looks, pin finds in terms of jewellery, shoes etc.
As I thought about the similarities between these two websites, the differences were unfortunately subtle.
It is a little easier to navigate through pinterest and get the hang of it without much help unlike fashiolista. I am internet and website savvy with skills that impress but when it came to fashiolista; it was literally a fish out of water situation feeling and I did not like it one bit!
I had to ask a friend of mine on how to go about fashiolista. The more she told me, the more I realised it was not somewhere I want to be. I mean, you have to FIRST like other people’s looks and style for some button to pop up so you can create your own which is not me. Why should I like other people’s stuff when I know mine is probably better or at least very creative?
And another thing; you can not simply deactivate your account once you have joined fashiolista because someone might lose their collections or valuables etc. I hardly liked anyone’s stuff, so? The terms should be a little lax, don’t you think? 
It has turned out to be another website I had to add onto my little list of websites I want to leave but have no means!
On the flip side; to join pinterest, you need an invite which is easy to get or at least there is a way around it. I sent myself an invite out of curiosity and voila…I was asked to join in a few days! I am seriously addicted to pinterest! I love checking out people’s pins especially the DIY works, the Refinery29 and also the Gossip Girl pins too. Those are on another level not small stuff for kids!
Check out some of my few pins and the website too and tell me what you think.And of course...FOLLOW ME?

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