Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Week in Head Bands.

I decided to do a pictorial post after my salon visit. The curls remained in tact for more than a week. Since I have lots of head bands, I thought, ‘why not?’

This is when I returned to work and went to get my hair done. I talked about here and what went on during my salon visit.
Floral embellished Head Band.

Talk about clashing, right? I wore the purple floral embellished head band with a red and black checked shirt dress! It occurred to me when I wore the shirt dress that only I can wear it and get away without tights or leggings. It is a shirt on my sister but on me, It is a Dress!! LOL! I am petite stature-wise and it stopped right below my knees.

Purple floral embellished head band. This has a wider flower and slim band.

I decided to wear with plain blue headband with a ruffled collar dress. I can't describe the color properly so I won't even attempt it. The band and the dress color had nothing in common. 

Slim plain blue headband.

I went for the Rockstar Chic look. Purple top with lots of colorful stones, black jeans and my black cropped sleeve jacket. The head band was slim and had a blue bow on it. Seriously, The bow matched some of the blue stones in my shirt. When you dress like a RockStarr, you definitely feel like one.
On the left, I am with my jacket on and without it on the right. I tried on my aunt's glasses to see if I can carry off the Geek-chic look.

Blue bow embellished slim black headband.

I went for a black skirt, yellow vest and my green short jacket with the gray headband. As you can see, it has glitter.

Sparkly gray wide headband.

 My final day of wearing Head Bands. I was tired of having the same hairstyle for almost two weeks. I couldn't be anymore glad. Much as I love headbands and all my hair accessories, having my hair pulled back or going backwards is not my style. My signature hairstyle is a side swept bang/fringe. I went with this Black Sparkly headband because I had on a black skirt, pink tank top and black and white checkered short sleeved jacket.

Sparkly Black Head Band.

 PS: No pictures for the weekend because I hardly dress up, some times but not most of the time. The weekend is simply for me to be as unkempt as I can possibly be. The cute town belle look is for work and some odd weekends when I do stuff with friends.

There goes my week in Head bands.

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