Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello! Hello… Hello?!

This is so random and out there but uh…I always reflect on people’s ‘hello’ whenever I receive and end a phone call. It is something I am sort of fixated with and find vastly amusing, I have observed they are different due to tone and level of excitement.
These are the types of ‘Hello’ I have observed amongst my friends and family during phone calls. For the fun of it, I am going to name the culprits so they can know where they fall.
Hello! My favourite ‘Hello’. The caller says it with a lot of gusto and an underlying pleasure. To me, it suggests; I know who I am talking to and it is a pleasure to do so. My brother Sad, friends Emma, Belle and O fall in this category. I find their tone and excitement very infectious and never fails to make me smile.
Hello… This is a funny one. The caller here says it in a small unsure voice and leaves it hanging as if they are not sure of who they are talking to and want the reply to be a confirmation. This Hello says; “I know who I have called but not sure if I am speaking to the right person?” Clare, Tracey and Ronald are the culprits in this category.
Hello?! A rude one if I say so myself. I say that because I am known to offend a lot of people by how I answer the phone sometimes. My uncle has taken me to task over this on more than one occasion.  So, yeah…I am the culprit here. This hello is said with a lot of curtness and annoyance at the disturbance. It says, ‘WTF do you want?’ IF it is an unknown number and to someone I hardly want to talk to.
Much as I am guilty for using the third Hello,  The first Hello is usually where I fall when and if it is someone I want to talk with.
Are you wondering now where you or your friends fall? Bet you’ll start noticing after this!

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