Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some more Quotes!

  • If you’re lonely, get to know yourself - Fairly Legal
  • You’re beauty will take you there. But your character will bring you back – Jacob’s Cross
  • You know you’ve hit middle age when your memories become more important than your dreams – Susan Delfino (DHWS)
  • A crime eats its own child.
  • Sometimes a good woman can save a bad man – Diana Palmer.
  • Life sorts itself out, given the opportunity – Diana Palmer.
  • Love is a gift. One should not throw it away – Diana Palmer.
  • A man should think with his heart, not his head when he loves – Diana Palmer.
  • Sex is a bad basis for a relationship – Diana Palmer.
  • Husbands tend to limit a woman’s adventures.
  • Some things are going to work out as they were destined to be. As if they were meant to be.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness. It just makes misery easier to bear – Johanna Lindsey
  • Never underestimate the importance of friends you can’t see.
  • Greed makes people stupid. And stupid people are easy to fool- Jacob’s Cross.
  • You should dream of a thing before you make it happen.
  • A roaring lion kills no game – Jacob’s Cross.
  • A termite can do nothing to a stone except lick it – Jacob’s Cross.
  • No matter how much perfume you use you’ll never hide the stench of your sins.
  • We have to stop being afraid of our past. Everybody’s history is good.
  • The human eye can see what the heart wants to see.
  • Courage is more important than talent.

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