Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back Story: My white watch.

First and foremost, I am utterly in love with my white watch. It took me a year to get it and I still can’t believe I have one in my possession.
Some of my friends (those who have seen it) have been asking me. ‘ why a white watch?’ It is in this vein that I decided to do a post on it. Part of it is conceit and the other part is not to have to tell the back story several times.

I’m not a huge fan of novellas but if it is a good one, I give it a chance. Around 2011, there was one called Sortilegio on one of the stations that I avidly watched because of William Levy. Yes, the hotty with the body I used to think. Anyway Jacqueline Baracamontes who was the female lead was wearing a white watch in one of the episodes and it caught my eye. I was intrigued. It looked so different and out of place. I mean, how many people have you seen sporting white watches? It is an odd sight to say the least. I  think that is what made me want one.
After that, I noticed my aunt had one and so did someone at the gym. Funny thing is I never asked either of them for a close up look. I think, I rather preferred the mystery and had that feeling you have when see something you like but don’t want a close up look for fear of being disappointed? That’s how I felt so I continued on to entertaining the mystery and thoughts of how it would actually look like up close when I had one.

The only way I’d ever get one that is actually good without fear of fading (if at all they do), imitations or cheap looking ones was to wait for my mother to travel. And she did after two years. She hadn’t travelled since may 2010. The one thing I asked her not to forget is getting me a white watch. I reminded her all the time to ensure that.

I was pleasantly surprised when she came back with one. It superseded my expectations. I don’t know what I was expecting-it certainly wasn’t what I got. It is ceramic white, has a lot of bling in it and it is…(not going to brand drop). LOL. I love it. I am still in awe of it and being ceramic means it is more delicate than most. Those who have seen it love it too which makes me love it more.
Ah, she got me some other stuff too aside from the watch- shoes, rompers and of course my number one addiction JEWELLERY! Here’s a look-see at some. If she’d got me only the watch, it wouldn’t have mattered. 

Crossbody bags side from the mustard colored one.

Ps: I love getting stuff and so far the people I have seen with a white watch excluding myself total to 4.

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