Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy Little Bee.

Lately, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands, enough to turn into one busy little bee. Aside from maintaining a facebook page, making tracks in my French lessons and doing my damnest to follow what’s going on with fashion week in the comfort of my room, sofa and telly. I have had a little time to return to my DIY box of knickknacks.
I did some of it in between all that and bouts of boredom especially when most of the Fashion week shows were on repeat! I usually tweet these pictures of how I  spend my time and I thought, 'why not share them here so you could all see what I get up to when bored?’ I still maintain that in another world or life, I would be a jewellery designer. Jewellery is my poison. Give me something good and I will love you for life! If not, I will at least remember you by it whenever I wear it.

Materials for the chains are from my mum's stuff.
September has come to an end and I am glad for it. I felt a little bit overwhelmed because it is fashion month. I had to be a little more attentive this time round for the other blog. Actually paying attention has made me realise a few things and also learn from it. I’ve realised that if you like what you do be it profitable or not, you try your hardest to be good at it, nurture it and make it into something to be proud of. You learn a few things along the way- things which enable growth especially where creativity is concerned. I also know now that what I did before was just a drop in the well!

I love the braided ones on the left. and the right, big beaded bracelet.
Most of my friends would check on me and ask how I was and I’d tell them I felt overwhelmed. I wouldn’t go into details because some of them would not get it. With the end of September comes the end of Fashion Week and month! I am quite looking forward to returning to my French lessons which I had to put off. I am making progress and surely proud of it. If you could know the dream for these French lessons, you would laugh. LOL! I tell a few people in an offhanded way to make it seem like a joke and something I am playing at – honestly, the French is something I would like to see bear fruit. Yes! InshaAllah.

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