Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chunky Chain Necklaces.

If you keep up with accessories trends like I do (they are my poison), you’ll know that the chunky gold chain necklaces are very much on trend at the moment. This is exciting for some reason. Fortunately, I came across one of my mum’s old chain belts and she was kind enough to give it to me so I can do as I please. As chains go, it was a two in one. It had a smaller chain going through the larger links which was kind of unique.

From L-R: Chunky Chain and Smaller Chain.
Let me say; I was so looking forward to making a chain necklace out of it. I thought of leaving it as is but one of my gurls liked the idea of having a chunky chain necklace too so I ended up dividing them. The thought of creating something new was as exciting as actually doing it.


I had to divide both the small and chunky chains into two equal parts. I then passed the smaller chains into the bigger chain links and voila...

Smaller chain passed through the large links.
For a little oomph, I added on a few pendants. My friend's has three little hearts which I think were a nice touch whilst mine only has one heart pendant. The three little hearts on my friends are kinda unique and make it look better actually.

For my gurl

Since I don’t have the proper tools for all this DIY stuff, I usually uses my dad’s stuff and little fingers hurt for two good days but the pain is was worth it if I say so myself!. Tell me what you think.

Side by side.

Mine is the one with the clear heart.

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