Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Case Of Chains.

Believe it or not but the chains in the above picture came on a pair of shoes. I loved the shoes before and after they were mine-my sister gave them to me a couple of months ago. Before they were mine, I kept looking at them wondering why someone would waste chains and beads on shoes and yet that is what made them appealing.
Once in my possession, I got to wear them and uh…they were a little uncomfortable and made my already chubby feet look like stuffed sausages in them not forgetting how one of my gurls laughed and told me in no uncertain terms that they were so last season. These are the last things you want to happen when you wear shoes you like. With all that happened, is there any wonder as to why the chains turned into arm candy?
Obviously, I could have given the shoes to someone else which I didn’t. I wanted the chains on them that badly. They were the closest I could get silver chains without having to scour the boutiques and break the bank. As you might know, chains are really on trend and being so, it makes them that much expensive.
As an accessories whore, I have a lot of bangles, cuffs and necklaces with a handful of bracelets. There are times when you don’t want to wear neither bangles nor cuffs. It was that kind of day when I failed to find a different bracelet to go with a pair of hoops. After coming up with zilch, I made the decision to invest in a few silver and gold bracelets in the form of chains.
Since this particular pair of shoes was in the dog house for said reasons, I asked myself why not? After all I was never going to wear nor give them away. So, yes, I took off the chains and was really happy when they fit my dainty wrist-fortunately. They look super cool, don’t they?

Still bonkers over my white watch

By writing this; I am admitting to a crime I wouldn’t otherwise like anyone to know about but creativity comes in the least expected places. Or maybe it is just me who looks at things and immediately know what they would look best on?
You might call me a spoiler whereas I prefer re-user or recycler because before I throw something away, I take off what I loved most about it and use it for something else.

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