Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The First Few Weeks Of 2013...

It’s been a couple of weeks into the new year, has anything monumental or memorable happened in your life? Yes? No? Maybe?
Well…it has been good on my side. I got official leave from work and the rest and relaxation has done a lot of good. Y’all know I was in a bad place by the end of last year. What I didn’t know then but do now is; I needed time off to myself – do nothing, to be and make peace with some of my negative thoughts, a break from listening to other people’s problems and to pick myself up from the emotional dump I was in. Before, being home for so long would get to me unlike now. Either this is another part of growing up or I am this used to my own company and love it!
Are you wondering about what I am or have been doing with myself? Hmmm…I’m reading A LOT, watching re-runs and current episodes of my favourite show The Big Bang Theory, slowly learning and practising my French with a friend. On a random day without electricity, inspiration struck and I went with it. I had two drawings done!!! I can’t believe I actually drew something after years of semi retirement. I came across the quote, ‘Art is the sex of imagination’ so many years ago and could hardly remember it until I was drawing. It ran through my mind the entire time... I probably needed it…LOL! And I realised I need to date my drawings.
Since the year begun, I had the insurmountable urge to cut all my hair off so much so that I took out my weave in three weeks of doing it. What’s been holding me back? It is the thought of looking like a boy aka R Kelly whom I compare myself to. I think we have the same facial structure because of a picture I took back when I cut off all my hair. Fortunately, someone wiser suggested I start halfway; take half off, which I did. My head feels lighter so does the hair. I can feel the wind on my scalp!! Baby steps. When the mood for glamming up strikes, I shall take a picture and share.
That’s my first few weeks of 2013. Considering that I am still on leave, the days and weeks to February are most likely to drift in the same manner.

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