Monday, September 16, 2013

Off The Shelf!

The past few weeks have been a little manic that I haven’t had the time to write nor publish anything. I guess with all the madness and excitement before and after, I needed time to sit and soak in everything like the fact that my brother is married!
The week leading to his marriage was a little busier considering all the plans we had to make for his and then attending a wedding for one of my newest good friends. My friend’s wedding was a good forecast of things to come and something to look forward to when my brother’s time came. Aside from not being able to really believe that they are both off the shelf, I enjoyed their dos.

Me and my gurl Mayi at our friend's wedding

31/07/2013 will forever be kinda bittersweet as my sister put it. It’s the day my brother got married. I look at him now and still find it hard to take in. We always joke about it with him in disbelief yet it is fact. Most of my friends and family feel I am too attached to him – which is true because it was just me and him for a number of years before my sister came along. Now, I am learning to let go and not be so attached nor interfere because he is someone else’s now. I know he’ll always be my brother but it isn’t the same. What makes all this a little easier is knowing he is happy with his missus and it is all that matters. As long as she makes him happy, we are happy ;)

Me, my brother and sister

Oh. let’s not forget the line up of man candy that is my brother’s friends. Dang! The last time I saw a collection of hot males excluding my family is during Eid prayers at the mosque. There is nothing as FINE as Muslim brothas in full regalia. I had my big eyes on two only to find out my number one choice is with someone and my number two was booked for hooking up to none other than one of my sisters. LOL. Well, such is life even when it sucks.
Amazing how I can write all this and smile to myself. Before, I would frown a little and then brush it off. It’s good I took time off to just let it all soak in and be. I am a happy hussy.

PS: My sister made sure I blend in with the decor in the first picture.

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