Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Muse.

I am returning to work soon and I must admit, I’m absolutely looking forward to it because the month or so leave has been hella long. I love keeping my own company but not too much of it. No. Anyway, the time off has been greatly appreciated – creative wise. I have managed to make a believer out of myself with these words, The muse visits during the act of creation, not before. Don’t wait for her. Start alone,’ by Roger Ebert ringing through my head.
Instead of writing about individual pieces, I have decided to share all of them at once even if they all were created on separate days, weeks with different moods. The proverbial ‘muse’ paid me a visit during this period and I went to work on nurturing my other skills – jewelry making.

From L-R: Button Bracelet, Rings, Necklace and Chain Bracelet.

Let’s start with the button bracelet. Most of you won’t believe that it is out of buttons because it looks really good and rich. I got the buttons off my sister’s sweater and I couldn’t wait to use them. With all my excitement, you’d imagine I’d get to it right away, no? Well, it took me awhile. The mood was never right. I don’t create just to create, I create when I feel it is time.
Then there was the little rings. To be honest, I just pimped up two plain adjustable silver rings. I added on this column of jewel stones and little flowers on both and they turned out amazing. It is the second time I do this with rings. First time was so long ago in that the ring even got stolen.
My first necklace! I’ve had the black squares sitting in my stuff for quite the longest time. They were a form of embellishment on a dress that I thought looked better without them. Besides, some of them had broken off so I proceeded to remove them entirely. Making this necklace was killer on my neck and nails. The process was painstakingly slow to say the least.
The little bracelet. I enjoyed making it. I got the little flowers and leaves to hang onto the chain from a pair of old earrings as I am in the process of getting rid of really old stuff. So, these little charms were quite the coup I needed to tweak up the chain.
I have enjoyed making all these pieces especially the necklace. I had never made one and to have it look really well done is unbelievable, so is the button bracelet. You know what really is exciting, knowing that most of my friends like everything and thinking I am a creative GENIUS!

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