Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Serial Catch up.

My mood is all over the place lately and when this happens, all I WANT is to lose myself in a good romance novel preferably a Mills and Boon which are hard to come by unfortunately. There is a simplicity with mills and boon, the plot is straight forward and the romance is just right. I have a considerable collection of genres on my laptop but no good old fashioned mills and boon. I need a veritable collection of them, so, I am searching.
I’ve been catching up with one of my favourite television series – Korean Dramas. I watched a good one last year which I forgot to mention. It is not a drama as such more of a comedy. The last scandal of my life. It's quite funny and a good comedy. For someone who is used to watching periodicals about China and Korea, this was quite refreshing. It is about an ex teen couple who meet again after 20 years. You know how that goes, life intervened, the woman got married and divorced then went to work for her teenage love as a domestic after her husband stiffed her in the divorce and left her with a huge debt to repay. To sum it up, it is about love at 40.

The Last Scandal Of My Life

I also watched IRIS an espionage series. When this aired last year, I was a reluctant viewer. I hate series that deal with politics, mysteries, espionage etc. I don’t even attempt to read novels in that genre. But, I let myself watch when reruns were airing. I can’t say I loved it as much because of the genre but the plot was quite sad especially the love bit. Since the supposed protagonist was a man seeking revenge after being betrayed by the agency/agents he worked for, he ended up being shot on the way to propose to his girlfriend after defeating his nemesis and crew.


And then there is My Lovely Samsoon. This is absolutely funny. I watched it twice for the fun of it. It is loosely based on Bridget Jones’ Diary. 30 year old woman falls in love with a 20 year old something.  The young man was so bossy and such a dictator. Thinking of it still brings a smile to my face. I would watch it over and over like I do the Big Bang Theory.

My Lovely Sam Soon

Now that IRIS is done, I am left wondering if they will air the sequel IRIS 2 immediately or make me wait 3-4 months for the next one. Seriously, my taste is really eclectic, no?

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